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Book ID:  020927
AHLGREN, Clifford and Isabel AHLGREN

Lob Trees in the Wilderness. 1984. illustr. XII,218 p. 8vo. Cloth.
From the preface: Throughout the border lakes, in the days of the voyageurs, certain trees were singled out as "lob trees". Each grew on a prominent point or island, standing out from the distance and serving as a landmark to all who passed. Each was named in honor of a well-known explorer, fur company official, or voyageur who had performed a brave or noteworthy act. A nimble member of the crew clambered up the tree and lopped off branches from the central portion of the crown, leaving the middle bare with a tuft of branches above and below to make the tree more obvious. Representatives of nine native woody plant species serve as lob trees for the chapters of this book. We hope they will stand out as landmarks, symbolizing some of the human influences that have shaped the modern forest. Each species was chosen because of its ecological or sociological significance. - Contents (partly): Red Pine Lob Tree/ Sacred Juniper Lob Tree/ Jack Pine Lob Tree/ Big Cedar Lob Tree/ Paper Birch Lob Tree/ White Pine Lob Tree/ White Spruce Lob Tree/ Balsam Fir Lob Tree/ Aspen Lob Tree/ Common and Scientific Names of Plants.
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