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Siddiqui, Kamal Uddin (ed.)

Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh. Volume 12: Angiosperms. Dicotyledons: Orchidaceae - Zingiberaceae. 2008. 552 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Includes 14 Families (Orchidaceae to Zingiberceae) with 211 genera and 560 species. In terms of the number of species reported from Bangladesh in this volume the family Poaceae is the largest family consisting of 285 species and Orchidaceae with 179 species is the second largest. The following two families, Ruppiaceae and Zannichelliaceae are each represented in Bangladesh by one single species. This volume includes a few taxonomically important plants such as Bulbophyllum roxburghil (Lindl.) Reicbh.f. of Orchidaceae and Hedychium speciosum Wall. ex Roxb. of Zingiberaceae, which are endemic to Bangladesh and also many endangered species. - Pages 1 -149 deal with orchids.
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