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John, Jacob

Diatom Flora of Australia. Vol. 2: Diatoms from Tasmania: Taxonomy and Biogeography. 2018. 351 photogr. plates. 150 col. figs. 656 p. Hardcover. (978-3-946583-10-3)
Published October 5th, 2018. - A total of 609 taxa belonging to 131 genera are described each with light micrographs or scanning electron micrographs or both, from 140 sites spread over all the botanical regions of Tasmania (North-west, west, South-west, Central Highlands, Midlands, North-east, East and South-east). Ambient water quality parameters, pH and electrical conductivity are presented for each taxon. It is estimated over 100 taxa are new to Australia and over 80 new to science. Information on distribution and biogeography is also presented for each taxon in a global context. The endemicity of diatoms in Tasmania is higher than in any other part of Australia. As an island, it has its share of cosmopolitan taxa of marine origin in the coastal lagoons, and estuaries. But the endemic inland freshwater assemblages are unique. This is the second volume in the Diatom flora of Australia series with 659 pages and 351 plates combining over 3000 light micrographs and Scanning electron micrographs. Additionally, over 150 colour pictures and maps of lakes and rivers capturing the natural spirit of wilderness of Tasmania, Australia's most pristine world Heritage areas are also presented. The author Jacob John is the foremost diatom expert in Australia. After 40 years of University teaching and guiding postgraduate students, he is devoting his efforts in writing the Diatom Flora of Australia in 5 volumes. The next volume is on Diatoms of Arid Australia. - A heavy book (2.9 kg).
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