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Materials to the Orchid Flora of Colombia

Ed. by Szlachetko, Dariusz L. and Marta Kolanowska: Volume 1: Szlachetko, Dariusz L., Marta Kolanowska Slawomir Nowak and Sebastian Vieira - Uribe: Cypripediaceae, Orchidaceae - Orchidoideae, Spiranthoideae - Goodyereae. 2017. 122 col. photogr. 581 figures (=line - drawings). 53 maps. 546 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (ISBN 978-3-946583-11-0)
Contents (chapter headings): Preface - Rudolf Schlechter/ Foreword/ In lieu of an introduction/ General information (Study area: Location, Geological composition, Topography and natural regions, Hydrology, Climate, Vegetation and ecosystems// Biodiversity (Species richness, Envrionmental degradation, Nature conservation)// History of the botanical studies in Colombia/ Orchids in the Colombian flora/ Material and methods/ Nomenclature (Type citations, New species and new combinations, Lectotypifications/ Acknowledgements/ TAXONOMIC TREATMENT: Orchidales/ Natural key to the families and subfamilies represented in Colombia/ Natural key to the genera included in the 1st volume/ Artificial key to the genera dealt in the 1st volume/ Family Cypripediaceae/ Tribe Selenipedieae (Selenipedium)/ Tribe Phragmipediae (Phragmipedium)/ Family Orchidaceae/ Subfamily Orchidoi- deae/ Tribe Orchideae, Subtribe Habenariinae (Habenella, Habenaria, Rhinorchis/ Kusibabella, Bertauxia)/ Subfamily Tropioideae (Corymborkis, Tropidia)/ Subfamily Spiranthoideae/ Tribe Goodyereae, Subtribe Goodyerina (Microchilus, Platythelys, Ligeophila, Aspidogyne, Kreodanthus)/ References/ Index to scientific names/ Index to the numbered collections cited/ The cited publications treating particular taxa and abbreviations of their titles used in the text/ Maps/ Plates.
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