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Flora of Zhejiang

2nd rev. ed. Edited by Li Genyou. Volume 03: Juglandaceae - Salicaeae. 2021. illus. (col.). 598 p. ge8vo, Hardcover. - In Chinese, with Latin nomenclature.

l This volume records 36 families, 148 genera, and 477 species of wild or commonly cultivated angiosperms (Walnutaceae to Salicaceae) in Zhejiang Province. These include 7 new taxa (new species, new subspecies and new varieties), 2 new assemblages and 2 new record families of Zhejiang distribution published by the author of this chronicle since the start of the editing project of "Zhejiang Flora (New Edition)" , 5 newly recorded genera, 33 newly recorded species (including subspecies and varieties), and 34 previously misidentified species were corrected. Each plant has its middle name, Latin name, morphological description, origin, habitat, distribution, use, etc., and nearly 98% of the species are accompanied by color pictures taken in the field.
Autor/Hrsg. Flora of Zhejiang
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Autor(en) Flora of Zhejiang
Verlag China Scientific Book Service Room No. 1120, Tower A Kingsound (Jiahao) International
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