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Cox, Freda

A Gardener's Guide to Snowdrops. 2nd rev. & augmented ed. 2018. 2088 col. figs. 302 p. Hardcover.

Snowdrops are easily recognized and admired, but few appreciate the vast range of plants availabLe and their different attributes. This new edition of this best-selling book introduces the twenty known species and has been updated to cover more than 2,400 named snowdrops. Celebrating the diversity of the plant, it showcases tall and short, single and double, slender and rounded, pocutiform and inverse poculiform varieties. Snowdrops may have white segments with green or yellow marks, and pure white or almost green flowers; new introductions incude cream and orange-tinged flowers, and pink snowdrops may even soon be available.

Snowdrops can be admired as individual specimens, some costing many hundreds of pounds, or in huge naturalized colonies spreading through woodland and gardens. The flowers stretch back through history and mythology, are much mentioned in Literature and are valued for their medicinal properties.The book introduces the main facets of this beautiful plant and provides a comprehensive directory of names, descriptions and ilLustrations of hundreds of snowdrops.
Autor/Hrsg. Cox, Freda
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Autor(en) Cox, Freda
Seiten Cox, Freda: A Gardener's Guide to Snowdrops. 2nd rev. & augmented ed.2018. 2088 col. figs. 352 p. Hardcover. (107999) 0.00
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