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AWASTHI, Dharani Dhar

A Key to the Microlichens of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. 1991. (Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Bd. 40). II,337 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.

From the Introduction: In an effort towards the consolidation ofavailable information in a concise form on the lichens from Indiansubcontinent, 70 genera and their about 700 species of macrolichens fromIndia and Nepal had been keyed out earlier by Awasthi (1988). Incontinuation of the same, keys have now been formulated for the so farreported taxa of microlichens from India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Lichensreported from Sri Lanka have now been included in view of thepossibility of the same taxa occurring in the southernmost part of Indiaout of the taxa that have been recently reported from Sri Lanka. Incontrast to macrolichens, considerable number of the taxa of microlichens from the area under treatment are yet insufficiently known,revised or even investigated. Often descriptions from the publicationsof a century back were the only information for several taxa. Naturallyseveral aspects in context to the present day lichenological conceptsand other details were not possible to be included. References prior tothe publication of the catalogue of lichens from the area by Awasthi(1965) have usually not been cited for brevity. The recent synonyms arealso according to the names of the taxa in that catalogue. It is mostlikely that some of the taxa reported earlier may now belong to othertaxa if a revision of their specimens was undertaken. But is is almostimpossible to check the identifications of all those reports. Thereforethis work is based mainly on the publications that have been made up tothe end of 1989. It is likely that monographic revisions, if and whenundertaken may clear up the ambiguities, but even in that case theinformation given here may be helpful to the monographer.
Autor/Hrsg. AWASTHI, Dharani Dhar
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Autor(en) AWASTHI, Dharani Dhar
Seiten AWASTHI, Dharani Dhar: A Key to the Microlichens of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. 1991. (Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Bd. 40). II,337 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. (43933) 67.00
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