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Ed. By W. Schultze-Motel. Volume 1. 1982. 26 pls. 562 p. gr8vo. (Reprint 1984).

The purpose of this new series is to bring together biennially underone cover review papers on selected topics on mosses, liverworts, andhornworts. Advances in Bryology will deal with modern syntheses and summary reviews of the current state of knowledge, including historicaland bibliographic summaries of various subjects. Contents of volume 1:Preface/ Introduction/ Bopp, M., Entwicklungsphysiologie der Moose/Proctor, M. C., Physiological ecology of Bryophytes/ Suire, C. and Y.Asakawa: Chimie et chimitaxionomie des Bryophytes: resultats essentielset perspectives/ Iwatzuki, Z., Taxonomy of Mosses/ Crandall-Stotler, B.,Morphology - Anatomy of Hepatics and Anthocerotes/ Frey, W.: Morphologieund Anatomie der Laubmoose/ Van Zanten, B.O., Distribution and Dispersalof Bryophytes.- Good second hand copy of this out of print volume.
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Autor(en) Advances in Bryology
Seiten ADVANCES IN BRYOLOGY: Ed. By W. Schultze-Motel. Volume 1. 1982. 26 pls. 562 p. gr8vo. (Reprint 1984). (702) 78.00
Verlag Freie Universität Botanischer Garten und Botan. Museum Berlin Dahlem -Bibliothek-
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ISBN 2240000007021
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