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Aronson, J. K.

An Account of the Foxglove and its Medical Uses 1785-1985. L. 1985. XXI, 399 p. gr8vo. Cloth.

The first part of the book consists of a facsimile of Withering'soriginal monograph, to which I have added annotations which either comment on his text in the light of what we now know about the diseasesWithering described or the actions or the compounds he used, or which simply elucidate the meaning of what he is saying.An Account Of The Foxglove And Some Of Its Medical Uses By William Withering: Preface/ Introduction/ Of the plate / An account of the introduction of foxglove into modern practice/ Cases, in which the digitalis was given by the Direction of the Author. 1775 (Case I)/1776 (Cases II-V)/ 1777 (Cases V-XIII)/ 1778 (Cases XIV-XIX)/ 1779 (Cases XX-XXVII)/ 1780 (Cases XXVIII-LVII)/ 1781 (Cases LVIII-LXXXII)/ 1782 (Cases LXXXIII-CVII)/ 1783 (Cases CVIII-CXXII)/ 1984 (Cases CXXIII-CLVI)/ 1785/ Hospital Cases, Under the Direction of the Author/Communications from Correspondents (Robert Cawley/ Mr. Daniel Boden/Mr. Causer/ Doctor Fowler/ An Account Of The Foxglove And Its MedicalUses By J. K. Aronson. Introduction (The foxglove as flower and herb/Uses of the foxglove before Withering)/ William Withering Of Birmingham.(William Withering Of Birmingham/ Withering's discovery and use of thefoxglove/ Attitudes to the use of the foxglove in Withering's lifetime)/Attitudes To The Foxglove After Withering's Death (The nineteenth century/ The twentieth century: 1900 to 1950/ The twentieth century from 1950/ Envoi)/ Bibliography/ Index to the names of medicines andplants mentioned in Withering's Account/ Index to the names mentioned in Withering's Account/ General Index.
Autor/Hrsg. Aronson, J. K.
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Autor(en) Aronson, J. K.
Seiten Aronson, J. K.: An Account of the Foxglove and its Medical Uses 1785-1985. L. 1985. XXI, 399 p. gr8vo. Cloth. (19379) 149.80
Verlag Oxford University Press Acc.:3230/6034 0000 North Kettering Business Park
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ISBN 9780192615015
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