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Eastman, Joseph T.

Antarctic Fish Biology.Evolution in a Unique Envi- ronment.1993.illustr.XIII,322p.gr8vo.Hardcover.

Contents (partly): The Antarctic Environment - Present and Past(Physical and Biological Characteristics of the Antarctic MarineEnvironment/ Geologic and Climatic History of Antarctica/ The FossilFish Faunas)/ The Modern Fauna - Biology and Relationships (The ModernFauna: Zoogeography/ The Modern Fauna: Taxonomic Composition/ etc.)/Organ System Adaptation in Notothenioids (Biochemistry and Metabolism/Evolutionary Modification of Buoyancy/ etc.)/ Final Remarks and Outlook/References/ Index.
Autor/Hrsg. Eastman, Joseph T.
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Autor(en) Eastman, Joseph T.
Seiten Eastman, Joseph T.: Antarctic Fish Biology.Evolution in a Unique Envi- ronment.1993.illustr.XIII,322p.gr8vo.Hardcover.(53228) 75.97
Verlag Academic Press, Inc. (London) High Street
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ISBN/ISSN 9780122281402
ISBN 9780122281402
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