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Ruffinato, Flavio and Alan Crivellaro

Atlas of Microscopic Wood Identification With a Special Focus on Timbers Used in Europe and CITES - listed Species. 2019. 376 col. figs. X, 439 p. 4to. Hardcover.

This atlas presents macroscopic descriptions, macro cross section pictures, general characteristics and identification keys of 335 wood species currently introduced in the European timber market from all over the world. Overall 292 different genera are represented and CITES-listed timbers are also included. Macroscopic descriptions are based on a recently proposed list of macroscopic features for wood identification. Macroscopic features and their codes are defined and illustrated in the atlas. Wood descriptions also include information about natural durability, physical and mechanical properties, end uses, environmental sustainability and possible related misleading commercial names. Furthermore, each genus is described in terms of number of species, geographical distribution and main commercial timbers, and details are given about to what extent timbers within the genus can be typically identified through macroscopic and microscopic analysis, if any.
The atlas will be a valuable guide for all agents in charge for timber verification, those involved in the European Timber Regulation enforcement and CITES inspections, as well as wood scientists, foresters, wood sellers, wood restorers, and any wood worker and wood passionate interested in a fast and reliable tool for wood identification.
Autor/Hrsg. Ruffinato, Flavio and Alan Crivellaro
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Autor(en) Ruffinato, Flavio and Alan Crivellaro
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ISBN 9783030235659
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