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Bartram, E. B.

Mosses of Guatemala. 1949. (Fieldiana Bot. 25) 190 figs. 442 p.

While probably far from complete, the total of approximately 519species and 205 genera is broadly representative of the local mossesand may cover at least 80% of the actual flora. The percentage ofendemic species is relatively small. Including the new species,approximately 58, or about 11 per cent of the total known flora, are notknown outside of Guatemala. - Out of print. Good second hand copy.
Autor/Hrsg. Bartram, E. B.
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Autor(en) Bartram, E. B.
Seiten BARTRAM, EDWIN B.: Mosses of Guatemala. 1949. (Fieldiana Bot. 25) 190figs. 442 p. Reprint. (941) 67.41
Verlag C. K. Scholz
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ISBN 2240000009414
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