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Maslovski, Olege Mechislavovich

Bryocomplexes of Belarus in the Bryophyte Floras System of Eastern Europe. 2022. 1297 dot maps with English explanations. P. 1-27 and 480 -531 in Russian. 4to. Hardcover.

This monograph is the result of many years of bryofloristic studies of the territories of the Republic of Belarus and Eastern Europe. The book is a systematic approach to the study of flora, considers the main taxonomic, geographical, ecological and biological features of the bryocomplexes of Belarus in the system of bryofloras of Eastern Europe. A summary of bryophyte species of Eastern Europe is given, their ecology, distribution, including maps of locations are given. A system of geographic elements of bryophyte species of Eastern Europe is proposed. The features of the anthropogenic impact on the bryoflora and the issues of protection of bryophytes are considered.
Autor/Hrsg. Maslovski, Olege Mechislavovich
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Autor(en) Maslovski, Olege Mechislavovich
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