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Volume 037: Greene,S.W. and A.J.Harrington:The Conspectus of Bryological Taxonomic Literature. Part 2: Guide to Natio- nal and Regional Literature. 1989. 322 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.

The subject matter of this work, like that of the first part, is botanical literature of particular relevance to the identification of bryophytes. The data are arranged on a geographical basis. They deal with bryophyte taxonomy at the national or regional level and consist of references to such works as floras, checklists,bibliographies, reviews of exploration and related publications. The aim has been to provide a wide selection of up-to-date work and the moreworthwhile of the older publications, most of the literature cited having been published in the last fifty years. No value judgements have been exercised in the selection of references, content alone being the criterion for inclusion. Includes complete citation of each reference with diacritical marks, full titles of periodicals and details of places of publication for books. Russian titles are transliterated into the Roman alphabet and translated into English. Cross-references are provided where it is thought they are likely to be of value. The majority of references are annotated. The annotations are placed in square brackets and provide information on summaries, content, andplates where they are bound separately. A dual-dating system is employed with the title-page date being cited after the name(s) of the author(s)as part of the bibliographic descriptions. The date of issue, when it is known to differ, is given as part of the annotation together with the evidence. - Good second hand copy. With ex library stamp. New copies available at EUR 61.00
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Autor(en) Bryophytorum Bibliotheca
Seiten BRYOPHYTORUM BIBLIOTHECA: Volume 037: Greene,S.W. and A.J.Harrington:TheConspectus of Bryological Taxonomic Literature. Part 2: Guide to Natio-nal and Regional Literature. 1989. 322 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. 61.00(36103)
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