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Cambie, R.C. and J. Ash

Fijian Medicinal Plants. 1994. 27 colour plates VII,365 p.gr8vo.Hardcover.

Good second hand copy. Perfect state, but signature of previous owneron title page.-Describes the use of Fijian plants in medicine, a tradition that isstill practised today. The origin and dispersal of Fiji's medicinalspecies and their significance in the local culture are outlined inthe book's introduction. Other chapters describe 450 species of plantsthat are either endemic or have been introduced into Fiji. These speciesare arranged by plant family. The information on each plant includes.its Fijian or local name; a botanical description to assist speciesrecognition; their medicinal uses; list of the known chemicalconstituents.
Autor/Hrsg. Cambie, R.C. and J. Ash
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Autor(en) Cambie, R.C. and J. Ash
Seiten Cambie, R.C. and J. Ash: Fijian Medicinal Plants. 1994. 27 colour plates VII,365 p.gr8vo.Hardcover.(49238) 93.09
Verlag M. Grubert
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