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Chytry, Milan, Michal Hajek, Martin Koci and Pavel Pesout

Cerveny Seznam Biotopu Ceske Republiky / Red List of Habitats of the Czech Republic. 2020. (Priroda, Cislo 41). illus. (col. maps & tabs.). 172 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. - In Czech, with English abstract and English figure captions.


The Red List of Habitats of the Czech Republic assesses the risk of collapse for 157 types of natural and semi-natural habitats defined in the second edition of the Habitat Catalogue of the Czech Republic. The assessment followed the guidelines for the IUCN Red Lists of Ecosystems as used in the project of European Red List of Habitats, using the criteria of habitat reduction in quantity, restricted geographical distribution, and reduction in abiotic and biotic quality. Quantitative data for the assessment were partly taken from a detailed field habitat mapping at the national scale. Where no quantitative information was available, the values were estimated by summarizing independent judgements by 17 experts in habitat classification, mapping and conservation. In addition to the criteria needed for the Red List assessment, the experts also assessed various types of threats and their importance for each habitat. Of 157 assessed habitats, 2 were Collapsed (CO), 14 were classified as Critically Endangered (CR), 32 Endangered (EN), 33 Vulnerable (VU), 30 Near Threatened (NT) and 46 of Least Concern (LC). The largest proportion of CR+EN habitats was in the habitat group of springs and mires and in the group of wetlands. The most important threats were successional changes after the cessation of traditional management, eutrophication due to atmospheric nutrient deposition and pollution from agriculture, and increased drought in water-dependent habitats due to climate change or changes in the local hydrological regime.
Autor/Hrsg. Chytry, Milan, Michal Hajek, Martin Koci and Pavel Pesout
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Autor(en) Chytry, Milan, Michal Hajek, Martin Koci and Pavel Pesout
Verlag Agentura ochrany prirody a krajiny Ceske republiky Knihovna - ABE186
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