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Compendium of Soil Fungi. 2nd ed. revised by W. Gams. 2007. 382 figs. 672 p. 4to. Hardcover.

This book is a unique compilation of the widely spread literature on the commonest soil fungi in both temperate and tropical regions, many ofwhich are of industrial, phytopathological and medical importance.Comprises short monographs on about 400 species, providing anexhaustive treatment of the taxonomy, ecology and physiology of individual species. The data for these have been derived from over 6500publications which are cited in the extensive reference list.Keys are provided to genera and species - of particular interest inthis respect are the unconventional keys to Penicillium and Aspergillusand a synoptic key to 27 Fusarium species. Included in the monographsare descriptions, and many line drawings, photographs and scanningelectron micrographs, to aid identification. The ecological sectionswithin the monographs contain information on the geographical distribution of each fungus, macro- and micro-habitats, nutrientrequirements, susceptibility to antagonism and predation, and otherinformation of ecological relevance. The monographs are completed bydetails of the conditions necessary for growth and reproduction, thecapacity of the fungus for enzymic degradation, its metabolic productsand its pathogenic potential.
Autor/Hrsg. DOMSCH, K.H., W.GAMS and T.-H.ANDERSON
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Autor(en) DOMSCH, K.H., W.GAMS and T.-H.ANDERSON
Seiten DOMSCH, K.H., W.GAMS and T.-H.ANDERSON: Compendium of Soil Fungi. 2nd ed. revised by W. Gams. 2007. 382 figs. 672 p. 4to. Hardcover. (2994) 159.00
Verlag IHW Verlag I.& H. Schmid
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ISBN 9783930167692
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