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Bavazzano, Renato

Contributo all Conoscenza della Flora del territorio Francese degli Afar e Degli Issa. 1972. (Webbia, 20, partim). 97 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.

Second hand copy.

A collection of vascular plants, made by col. E. Chedeville in the years 1953-1964 in the French Territory of Afars and Issas (formerly French Soma-hand) has been studied. The mentioned material includes 1657 specimens, which are mainly kept at the African herbarium of Florence (Erbario Tropicale di Firenze) and part at the Museum National d'Histoire Natureile of Paris (the specimens marked with t). All these specimens belong to 534 species, which are listed according to the Enumeratio Plantart&m Aethiopiae, perinatophyta, by G. CUFODONTIS (Bull. Jard. Bot. Etat Brux. 23-40. 1953.1970 and foil.). For each species the collection date, the locality and the collection number are mentioned; some informations concerning plant aspect, its phenology and vernacular name are frequently added. At the end of the paper there are also a list of vernacular names, both in Afar and Issa (Somali) languages, and an alphabetic index of species. In the enclosed map all the localities mentioned in the paper are reported.
Autor/Hrsg. Bavazzano, Renato
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