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Beszteri, Bank and Richard W. Jordan (eds.)

Diatoms and Chrysophytes - Unravelling their mysteries through light and electron microscopy. Richard M. Crawford - A lifetime dedicated to mircroalgal research. On the Occasion of his 80th birthday. 2021. (Nova Hedwigia Beihefte, 151). 672 figs. 16 tabs. 12 pls. VII, 324 p. gr8vo.Paper bd.

This volume includes papers covering a broad range of topics in diatom and chrysophyte research - including historical analyses of taxa names and name changes - through descriptions of novel taxa; observations of fine details of valve and cell morphology and ultrastructure, in many cases in an ecological and/or biostratigraphic context; to attempts at clarifying some hard-to-resolve questions on the evolutionary history of diatoms. Although there is no single common scientific thread connecting all contributions, they are all influenced, in some way, by the work of R. M. Crawford. Some highlight the still substantial extent of undiscovered terrain in the realm of diatom (and microalgal) ultrastructure, regarding variations on the fine construction of both frustules and organic cell components, an area of research in which R. M. Crawford laid important groundwork. Other papers add to our understandingof individual taxonomic groups in which R. M. Crawford raised a heightened interest, such as the genus Corethron which features the most elaborate movements of cell wall parts during cell division in diatoms, or the diverse genera of melosiroid diatoms where the work of R. M. Crawford was instrumental in recognizing the extent of functional-morphological and ecological variability.

Combining diverse perspectives and methods, this volume will be of interest to researchers of diatoms, chrysophytes and other microalgal groups.

The volume is dedicated to Richard M. Crawford, who spent a lifetime researching dinoflagellates and diatoms, particularly their morphology and taxonomy, utilizing various microscopical techniques. He is perhaps best known for his pioneering works on the dinoflagellate genera Oxyrrhis and Woloszynskia, and the centric diatoms, Aulacoseira, Melosira, Ellerbeckia, Paralia, and Corethron.


Biography - Richard Miles Crawford V

Dodge, J. D.: Dick Crawford and the ultrastructure of dinoflagellates 1

Leadbeater, B. S. C.: Dick Crawford 1966-1969, Birkbeck College,
London University 3

Gebeshuber, I.: When a diatomist meets a physicist - timeline of a
scientific friendship 5

Andersen, R. A.: Lepochromulina bursa Scherffel (Chrysophyceae)
from Michigan, with ultrastructural observations on the flagellar
apparatus and lorica 9

Ognjanova-Rumenova, N., Buczkó, K., Pipik, R. & Jahn, R.:
Aulacoseira scala (Ehrenberg) comb. nov. -
typification, morphology and biostratigraphic significance 27

Bedoshvili, Ye. D., Zakharova, Yu. R., Volokitina, N. A. &
Likhoshway, Ye. V.: Microscopic investigation of Ellerbeckia
arenaria forma teres> (Brun) R.M. Crawford from Lake Baikal
in culture 43

Levkov, Z., Zaova, D., Mitic-Kopanja, D., Jovanovska, E.,
Cvetkoska, A. & Ognjanova-Rumenova, N.:Cyclotella crawfordii -
a new fossil diatom species from Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia 55

Idei, M., Toyoda, K., Osada, K. & Sato, S.: Fine structural
observation on the frustule of the genus Hydrosera with special
emphasis on hitherto-unknown silicified structure 67

Jahn, R., Abarca, N., Al-Handal, A., Kusber, W.-H., Zimmermann,
J. & Skibbe, O.: Integrative taxonomic description of the marine
species Cocconeis crawfordii (Bacillariophyceae) based on unialgal
strains 85

Poulin, M. & Hamilton, P. B.: New scanning electron
microscopic evidence of valve features for Fallacia pygmaea
(Kuetzing) Stickle & Mann (Bacillariophyceae) 107

Witkowski, A., Kim, S.-Y., Krzywda, M., Górecka, E., Kim, B.-S.,
Choi, C.-H., Park, J.-G., Trobajo, R., Mann, D. G., Bak, M., Peszek,
L. & Lange-Bertalot, H.: Morphology and molecular phylogeny of
Simonsenia (Bacillariophyceae) with description of three novel
species from sandy marine coasts 119

Mann, D. G., Wetzel, C. E. & Trobajo, R.: A new type of girdle band
in Bacillariaceae 141

Gaonkar, C. C., Sarno, D., Montresor, M., Lange, C. B. & Kooistra,
W. H. C. F.: Chaetoceros turingii sp. nov. (Bacillariophyceae):
morphological and molecular description of a new species from the Gulf
of Naples, Italy 161

Hernández-Becerril. D. U.: Morphology and taxonomy of the marine
planktonic diatom Chaetoceros crawfordii sp. nov. (Bacillariophyceae) 173

Ferrario, M. E., Cefarelli, A. O., Fernandes, L. F., Castaños, C. &
Hernández-Becerril, D. U.: Morphology and taxonomy of marine
planktonic diatoms of the genus Asteromphalus
(Bacillariophyceae) in Antarctic waters and the Southwestern Atlantic
Ocean 183

Sims, P. A., Witkowski, J. & César, E. A.:Crawfordia
gen. nov.: solving the riddle of Triceratium hardmannianum
Grev. (Bacillariophyta) 205

Medlin, L. K., Boonprakob, A., Lundholm, N. & Moestrup, Ø.: On the
morphology and phylogeny of the diatom species Rhizosolenia setigera:
comparison of the type material to modern cultured strains, and a taxonomic revision 223

Sims, P. A. & Williams, D. M.: The diatom genus Monopsia Grove and
Sturt: morphology, classification and a note on the relevance of
fossil characters 249

Williams, D. M.: Corethron unguiculatum: The
name that vanished, with some remarks on the relationships of the
genus 261

Abe, K., Lam, D. W., Ashworth, M. P., Harwood, D. M. &
Jordan, R. W.: Observations on Praecorethron crawfordii gen. et
sp. nov. (Corethrales, Bacillariophyceae) from Upper Cretaceous marine
sediments, southwest Pacific 273
Autor/Hrsg. Beszteri, Bank and Richard W. Jordan (eds.)
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