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Lin Xiaomin

Ectomycorrhizal fungi in China. English edition. 2016. 88 col. photogr. 332 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.- In English.

This book is an academic work on ectomycorrhizal fungi in China, in which 308 species, including 1906 synonyms, of ectomycorrhizal fungi found in China are detailed. The account of every species comprises scientific names, synonyms, citations of author and literature, morphological characteristics (macroscopic and microscopic features of fruiting body), ecological habits and distribution areas in China. Positions of these fungi in classification were provided based on the research of molecular biology and ultrastructure, they belogn to 43 genera, 20 families, 6 orders in Agaricomycetes of Basidiomycota. Additionally, some species within Gomphidiaceae are also dealt with; they have been thought to be ectomycorrhizal fungi, however, there is now evidence that they are parasitic upon ectomycorrhizal boletes. 88 photos of ectomycorrhizal fungi or ectomycorrhizas are contributed in this book
Autor/Hrsg. Lin Xiaomin
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Autor(en) Lin Xiaomin
Verlag China Scientific Book Service Room No. 1120, Tower A Kingsound (Jiahao) International
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