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Fennell, Aubrey

Heritage Trees of Ireland. 2013. illus. 328 p. 4to. Hardcover.

Trees are a precious part of Irelands heritage, some remarkable for age or size, location or aesthetic appeal, historical or folklore connections. Such trees are found in our native woodlands, historic hanging trees, trees at holy wells, trees of exceptional size or age, trees associated with historic events, and trees important to the community. Well-known examples are the Hungry Tree at Kings Inns, Dublin, that appears to be consuming a bench; Lady Gregorys Autograph Tree at Coole Park, Galway a copper beech signed by W. B. Yeats, his brother Jack, George Bernard Shaw, John Masefield, Sean OCasey and other famous people. Irelands oldest native tree is the Silken Thomas Yew tree at St Patricks College in Maynooth, with a girth of 14 metres and 700800 years old. Irelands tallest native tree is a 40-metre-high ash tree in the grounds of Marlfield House, Clonmel, County Tipperary. The famous Muckross Friary Yew in Killarney stands in the centre of the ruined Muckross Friary. Not all heritage trees are so dramatic and some can be unremarkable in, such as a lone hawthorn tree at the summit of Freestone Hill, County Kilkenny. So, illustrated with fine photography, these pages present a fascinating world of trees unique to Ireland with connections dating back over thousands of years.
Autor/Hrsg. Fennell, Aubrey
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Autor(en) Fennell, Aubrey
Seiten Fennell, Aubrey: Heritage Trees of Ireland. 2013. illus. 328 p. 4to. Hardcover. (103861) 47.08
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