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König, Peter

Field Guide to the Upland Plants of Uganda. 2023. 1021 col. photogr. 511 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.

This field guide to the upland plants of Uganda is an identification companion for those traveling in the extraordinary beauty of Afroalpine and Afromontane regions and are interested in plants. It also provides information on the geography, climate and vegetation types of Ugandan highlands.

The field guide, fully illustrated with 1021 colour photographs and 8 figures, focuses on seed plants and ferns growing above 2000 m elevation and deals with 464 species in detail. A further 152 species or infraspecific taxa are referred to in the text. Besides relevant morphological features, habitat descriptions are given, supplemented by the altitudinal range in E Africa and the total distribution.

Frequently used synonyms are included for easy cross-reference, and English names are provided whenever available. An index incorporating scientific and common names allows easy access.

The species are arranged in alphabetical order within the four groups:
- Trees, shrubs, woody herbs and woody climbers
- Herbs, herbaceous climbers and epiphytes
- Grasses, sedges and rushes
- Ferns and fern allies

The text is designed for easy comprehension; technical terms have been minimised.
Autor/Hrsg. König, Peter
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Autor(en) König, Peter
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