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Bell, Stephen; Rockley, Christine; Llewellyn, Anne

Flora of the Hunter Region. Endemic Trees and Larger Shrubs. 2019. 54 col. pls. VI, 130 p. Large 4to. Hardcover.

The Hunter Region, between the Hawkesbury and Manning rivers in eastern New South Wales, hosts a rich diversity of vegetation, with many species found nowhere else. Spanning an area from the coast to the tablelands and slopes, its rainforests, wet and dry sclerophyll forests, woodlands, heathlands, grasslands and swamps are known for their beauty and ecological significance.
Flora of the Hunter Region describes 54 endemic trees and larger shrubs, combining art and science in a manner rarely seen in botanical identification guides. Species accounts provide information on distribution, habitat, flowering, key diagnostic features and conservation status, along with complete taxonomic descriptions. Each account includes stunning botanical illustrations produced by graduates of the University of Newcastle's Bachelor of Natural History Illustration program. The illustrations depict key diagnostic features and allow complete identification of each species.

This book will be a valuable resource for those interested in the plants of the region, including researchers, environmental consultants, horticulturalists and gardeners, bush walkers, herbaria, and others involved in land management.
Autor/Hrsg. Llewellyn, Anne / Rockley, Christine / Bell, Stephen
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Autor(en) Llewellyn, Anne / Rockley, Christine / Bell, Stephen
Erscheinungsjahr 2019
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ISBN 9781486311026
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