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Flores, Enrique and Antonia Herrero (eds.)

The Cell Biology of Cyanobacteria. 2014. illus (col.). X, 308 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.

The cyanobacteria are a fascinating group of bacteria that have adapted to colonise almost every environment on our planet. They are the only prokaryotes capable of oxygenic photosynthesis, responsible for up to 20-30% of Earth's photosynthetic productivity. They can attune their light-harvesting systems to changes in available light conditions, fix nitrogen and have circadian rhythms. In addition many cyanobacteria species exhibit gliding mobility and can differentiate into specialized cell types called heterocysts, and some are symbiotic. Thanks to their simple nutritional requirements, their metabolic plasticity, and the powerful genetics of some model strains, cyanobacteria could be exploited for use as microbial cell factories for carbon capture and storage, and for the sustainable production of secondary metabolites and biofuels. In this book, leading senior scientists and young researchers review the current key topics in cyanobacterial cell biology to provide a timely overview. Topics covered include: historical background; cell division; the cell envelope; the thylakoid membrane; protein targeting, transport and translocation; chromatic acclimation; thecarboxysome; glycogen as a dynamic storage of photosynthetically fixed carbon; cyanophycin; gas vesicles; motility in unicellular and filamentous cyanobacteria; cellular differentiation in filamentous resource for all those working in this field .
Autor/Hrsg. Flores, Enrique and Antonia Herrero (eds.)
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Autor(en) Flores, Enrique and Antonia Herrero (eds.)
Seiten Flores, Enrique and Antonia Herrero (eds.): The Cell Biology of Cyanobacteria. 2014. illus (col.). X, 308 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. 256.80 (104889)
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