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Bandh, Suhaib A and Sana Shafi (eds.)

Freshwater Mycology. Perspectives of Fungal Dynamics in Freshwater Ecosystems. 2022. XV, 304 p. gr8vo. gr8vo. Paper bd.

This book presents chapters from expert contributors around the world. Through the contributed chapters, the contributors explore the perspectives of fungal dynamics in freshwater ecosystems, especially their diversity, distribution, functioning and role, biotransformation and bioprospecting potential, methodical advancements and metagenomic insights.

Written with aquatic ecologists in mind, this book provides information on oceanic, estuarine and freshwater ecosystems not currently well understood and identifies new questions and answers about the roles of mycology in aquatic ecosystems.

This topic is becoming an increasingly important area to understand due to the increasing global transports of microbes due to climate change and human actions. This is leading to a rapid loss of healthy freshwater ecosystems, the grave problem of antibiotic resistance, and the rarity of qualified mycology taxonomists and molecular systematicians.
Autor/Hrsg. Bandh, Suhaib A and Sana Shafi (eds.)
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Autor(en) Bandh, Suhaib A and Sana Shafi (eds.)
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