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Wanka,F.,S.H.Howell,K.Apel and others

Green Algae,I:Molecular Biology.1973.figs.tabs.194 p.gr8vo.Cloth.

Contents: DNA Synthesis in Green Algae and Characterization ofChloroplast and Nuclear DNA/ Relation between Nuclear and ChloroplastGenomes/ Cytoplasmic and Chloroplast Ribosomes/ Effects of Inhibitorsof Macromolecular Synthesis on Algae Structure and Metabolism.
Autor/Hrsg. Wanka,F.,S.H.Howell,K.Apel and others
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Autor(en) Wanka,F.,S.H.Howell,K.Apel and others
Seiten Wanka,F.,S.H.Howell,K.Apel and others: Green Algae,I:Molecular Biology.1973.figs.tabs.194 p.gr8vo.Cloth. (10394) 44.94
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ISBN 2240000103945
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