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Nelson, Lewis S. and Michael J. Balick

Handbook of Poisonous and Injurious Plants. 2019. illus. (col.). 400 p. Hardcover.

This third edition of the Handbook of Poisonous and Injurious Plants is created to assist the clinician in the initial response to the needsof a child or adult exposed to a poisonous or injurious plant. It lists common plants that might lead to the development of the symptom complex and describes the mechanisms of action of the implicated each presentation. This truly comprehensive resource is botanically rigorous and complete with insights from both pharmacognosy and clinical medicine. With its thorough references and full-color photos of hundreds of potentially toxic and injurious plants inside and outside the home, anyone who has an interest in plants will find this book useful outside in the garden or out in the wild.
Autor/Hrsg. Nelson, Lewis S. and Michael J. Balick
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Autor(en) Nelson, Lewis S. and Michael J. Balick
Seiten Nelson, Lewis S. and Michael J. Balick: Handbook of Poisonoues and Injurious Plants. 2018. illus. (col.). 400 p. Hardcover. (107870) 181.90
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