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Mirek, Z. (ed.)

High Mountain Vascular Plants of the Carpathians. Atlas of distribution. 2020. 736 col. dot maps. 406 p. 4to. Hardcover.

This study is the result of research conducted by 11 authors from Poland, Romania, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Slovakia on the occurrence of high - mountain species of vascular plants in the Carpathian massif. The atlas contains 736 coloured dot maps, based on a 22,3 x 25 km grid.

This is a pblisher's new copy. but the back hardcover is loosened.
Autor/Hrsg. Mirek, Z. (ed.)
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Autor(en) Mirek, Z. (ed.)
Verlag IB Publisher W.Szafer Institute of Botany Polish Academy of Sciences
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ISBN 9901001137812
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