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Fabrie, Régine

Le vasculum ou boite d'herborisation. Marqueur emblématique du botaniste du XIXe siècle, objet désuet devenu vintage. 2021. (Scripta Botaica Belgica, 57). 300 figs. 259 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.

For more than two centuries, the botanizing drum, a green or black tin box, accompanied generations of botanists and plant hunters on their excursions. Also called a vasculum, this attribute housed countless specimens, some of which are today the pride of our large herbarium collections.

Richly illustrated with photographs, illustrations and quotes, the book traces the history of this old-fashioned accessory - today preserved in numerous museums and beloved by collectors - from its strange origins and glory years to its silent decline.
Autor/Hrsg. Fabrie, Régine
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Autor(en) Fabrie, Régine
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