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Liao Wenbo

Plant Atlas of the Jinggangshan Region in China. 2016. 3460 col. photogr. 452 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. - In English.

Plant Atlas of the Jinggangshan Region in China,From 2010 to 2014, the authors of this book conducted floristic surveys in the Jinggangshan Region and made numerous field trips to collect specimens and photograph the vegetation, scenery and biodiversity, followed by an enormous effort to identify and curate the ollections. The work resulted in 3460 photographs of 200 families, 632 genera and 1119 species of plants, including 35 families, 45 genera and 54 species of bryophytes, 16 families, 56 genera and 85 species of pteridophytes, 6 families, 18 genera and 25 species of Gymnosperms, and 143 families, 513 genera and 955 species of Angiosperms. One to five (or to eight) photos were selected to illustrate each species.Photos were taken of the whole plant, a leaf branch, a flowering branch , a fruiting branch, the plant community, habitat, and close up views of plant parts of particular interest. The descriptions in the book are simple, emphasizing key diagnostic features, habitat, geographic distribution, and economic value, with special notes on the conservtion status and economic values of the species, indicating whether they are relict species, living fossils, endemic to China, endemic to Jinggangshan, or rare and endangered in China (i.e., if they occur on any of these lists: IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, China Species Red List, Statey Key Protected Wild Plant list, and CITES). Medicinal plants, ornamental plants, and economic plants are indicated to demonstrate the value of the plants and plant resources. The book adopts the modern molecular phylogenetic classification system in the arrangement and organization of the species. The book is in both Chinese and English to facilitate international exchange, comparison with the floras of neighboring regions, and for use by students and professionals.
Autor/Hrsg. Liao Wenbo
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Autor(en) Liao Wenbo
Seiten Liao Wenbo: Plant Atlas of the Jinggangshan Region in China. 2016. 3460 col. photogr. 452 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. - In English. 206.51 (106483)
Verlag China Scientific Books Flat 21, 20/F, Acacia Building 160 Kennedy Road
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