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Arora, Rajesh (ed.)

Medicinal Plant Biotechnology. 2010. XV, 357 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.

There have been rapid advances in the field of plant biotechnology in recent years, increasing the potential for medical application. Covering the latest advances in the use of plants to produce medicinal drugs and vaccines, this volume examines topics including plant tissue culture, secondary metabolite production, metabolomics and metabolic engineering, bioinformatics, molecular farming and future biotechnological directions, etc. - Chapter headings: Plant Biotechnology and Medicine/ Natural ResourceManagement /Biodiversity Conservation and Genetic Diversity Screening)/Micropropagation (Quality Assurance and Quality Control)/ In VitroSecondary Metabolite Production/ Harnesssing the Potential of HairyRoot Cultures and Plant - Microbe Interactions/ Metabolomics andMetabolic Engineering/ Bioinformatics: Interfacing Biotechnology andBioinformatics/ Molecular Characterization of Medicinal Plants/Molecular Farming/ Leads from Chemistry, Nanotechnology andPharmacology for Future Biotechnical Interventions.
Autor/Hrsg. Arora, Rajesh (ed.)
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Autor(en) Arora, Rajesh (ed.)
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