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Adodo, Anselm

Medicinal Plants of Nigeria. An Ethnobotanical Survey and Plant Album. 2018. 87 col. photogr. 180 p. Paper bd.

At a time when so much attention is being given to phytochemical screening of plants, there is a temptation to overlook the philosophy of ethnomedicine and cultural use of plants, thereby losing the link between plants and the community. This plant album will help herbal medicine practitioners to identify the local plants available in Nigeria, and which is a much-neglected area of research, contributes to the book’s uniqueness. This book aims to serve as a workbook for students, teachers, and practitioners in the field of ethnobotany and ethnomedicine. It documents the plants that are traditionally used by the local population, the history of local use, and the traditional beliefs around the use in Nigeria.
Autor/Hrsg. Adodo, Anselm
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Autor(en) Adodo, Anselm
Verlag Beacon Books and Medi Ltd. Innospace, The Shed
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ISBN 9781912356164
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