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Akhtar, Mohd Sayeed, Mallappa Kumara Swamy and Uma Rani Siiniah (eds.)

Natural Bio - active Compounds. Vol. 1: Production and Applications. 2019. 124 (45 col.) figs. XVIII, 608 p. Hardcover.

Bioactive compounds produced by natural sources, such as plants, microbes, endophytic fungi, etc., can potentially be applied in various fields, including agriculture, biotechnology and biomedicine. Several bioactive compounds have proved to be invaluable in mediating plant-microbe interactions, and promoting plant growth and development. Due to their numerous health-promoting properties, these compounds have been widely used as a source of medication since ancient times.

However, there is an unprecedented need to meet the growing demand for natural bioactive compounds in the flavor and fragrance, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Moreover, discovering new lead molecules from natural sources is essential to overcoming the rising number of new diseases. In this regard, natural bioactive compounds hold tremendous potential for new drug discovery. Therefore, this field of research has become a vital area for researchers interested in understanding the chemistry, biosynthetic mechanisms, and pharmacological activities of these bioactive metabolites. This book describes the basics of bioactive plant compounds, their chemical properties, and their pharmacological biotechnological properties with regard to various human diseases and applications in the drug, cosmetics and herbal industries. It offers a valuable asset for all students, educators, researchers, and healthcare experts involved in agronomy, ecology, crop science, molecular biology, stress physiology, and natural products.
Autor/Hrsg. Akhtar, Mohd Sayeed, Mallappa Kumara Swamy and Uma Rani Siiniah (eds.)
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Autor(en) Akhtar, Mohd Sayeed, Mallappa Kumara Swamy and Uma Rani Siiniah (eds.)
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