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Hörandl, Elvira and Marc S. Appelhans (eds.)

Next - Generation Sequencing in Plant Systematics. 2015. (Regnum Vegetabile, 158). 7 col. figs. 294 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (ISBN 978-3-87429-492-8)

The rapid development of technologies targeting at the analysis ofgenomic resources (next - generation sequencing) has revolutionizedbiological sciences. For biological systematics and biodiversityresearch, the application of molecular markers has opened new avenuesfor understanding phylogeny, evolution and functions, for discoveringand classifying biodiversity. Nowadays, NGS technologies offer noveltools for increasing both quantity and quality of molecular data. Theapplicability to non - model organisms provides links to molecularbiology and plant breeding. This volume reviews current issues in theapplication of NGS technologies in phylogenetic, evolutionary, biodiversity and population genetic studies. The focus is on plants,but most chapters also address animals and fungi. After a briefintroduction, the topics contributed by international experts include organellar genomics, transcriptome sequencing for phylogenetic studies,polyploid genomes, asexual genome evolution, repetitive DNA, restrictionsite associated DNA (RADseq), microsattelite discovery, NGS on plantherbarium tissues. - The focus on methodologies is of interest foradvanced students, researchers and scientific lecturers in all fieldsof biology. The book will be of special interest for researchers inplant systematics, plant evolutionary biology, population genetics,population generics, biodiversity research, conservation genetics, andbiodiversity research, conservation genetics, and plant breeding. -The focus of the contributions is on case studies on non - modelorganisms, for which completely sequenced reference genomes are usuallynot yet available.-Contents: Elvira Hörandl & Marc Appelhans: Introduction to chaptersand methodological overview/ Susann Wicke & Gerald M. Schneeweiss:Next - generation organellar genomics: Potentials and pitfalls ofhigh - throughput technologies for molecular evolutionarystudies and plant systematics/ Jun Wen, Ashley N. Egan, Rebecca B.Diekow & Elizabeth A. Zimmer: Utility of transcriptome sequencing forphylogenetic inference of character evolution/ Armel Salmon & MalikaAinouche: Next - generation sequencing and the challenge ofdeciphering evolution of recent and highly polyploid genomes/ DiegoHojsgaard, M. Pellino, T. Sharbel & E. Hörandl: Resolving genomeevolution patterns in asexual plants/ Hanna Weiss - Schneeweiss, Andrew R. Leitch, Jamie McCann, Tae - Soo Jang & Jiri Macas: Employing next generation sequencing to explore the repeat landscape of the plantgenome/ Richard H. Ree and Andrew L. Hipp: Inferring phylogenetic history from restriction site associated DNA (RADseq)/ Kurt Weising,Tina Wöhrmann & Bruno Huettel: The use of high - throughput DNAsequencing for microsattelite discovery in plants/ Fred T. Bakker:DNA sequences from plant herbarium tissue.
Autor/Hrsg. Hörandl, Elvira and Marc S. Appelhans (eds.)
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Autor(en) Hörandl, Elvira and Marc S. Appelhans (eds.)
Seiten Hörandl, Elvira and Marc S. Appelhans (eds.): Next - Generation Sequencing in Plant Systematics. 2015. (Regnum Vegetabile, 158). 7 col. figs. 294 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (105827) 79.00 (ISBN 978-3-87429-492-8)
Verlag Koeltz Botanical Books
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