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Ackerman,James D.

Orchid Flora of the Greater Antilles. With illus. by Bobbi Angell. 2014. (NYBGdn. Mem.,109). 159 plates (line - drawings). 625 p. gr8vo. Hardcover

Good second hand copy. - The Greater Antilles are one of the world's biodiversity hot spots harboring 594 species of orchids in 109 genera. Synonymy, types, description, popular names, discussion of taxonomy, distribution, ecology, conservation status, keys (bilingual:English / Spanish) to species under each genus, glossary, phylogenetic classification added as an appendix. The application of molecularsystematic resulted in some changes in generic circumscriptions. A basic quality monograph to stand for many years.
Autor/Hrsg. Ackerman,James D.
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Autor(en) Ackerman,James D.
Verlag Herbarium Haussknecht Sektion Biologie der Friedrich- Schiller-Universitaet
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ISBN/ISSN 9901001081474
ISBN 9901001081474
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