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Orchid Genera in Thailand: 08: Bulbophyllum Thou. 1979.(Dansk Botanisk Arkiv, 33:3).Reprint 1990.12 colourplates. 158 figures. 277 p. gr8vo. Cloth.

Introduction/ General remarks/ Key to Sections/ Section Stenochilus,Sestochilos, Epicrianthes, Oxysepala, Polyblepharon, Monilibulbus,Micromonanthe, Desmosanthes, Racemosae, Cirrhopetalum, Globiceps,Aphanobulbon, Tripudianthes, Pleiophyllus/ Summary/ Literature.

Orchid Genera in Thailand, Volume 8 deals with the subtribe Bulbophyllinae Schltr. It is found in Thailand and it is represented by the two genera Bulbophyllum Thou in which is inluded i.a. Cirrhopetalum Lindl., and Trias Lindl. The last mentioned genus, with five species in genus, with five species in Thailand, was recently treated in a small monograph (Seidenfaden 1976: 19-28) and will not be repeated here, the present book deals with the genus Bulbophyllum. It follows the usual pattern for this series, keys are supplied for the Thai species, and for each taxon information is given on synonymy, bibliography, occurrence and general distribution, also each taxon is figured: preparation of the drawings for reproduction has been done skilfully.

In the genus Bulbophyllum Thou. more than one thousand species have been proposed, and although many highly different entieties have been described there seems general agreement among modern authors that they are all linked to each other in such a way that a separation into smaller genera is impossible.
Autor/Hrsg. SEIDENFADEN, Gunnar
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Autor(en) Seidenfaden, Gunnar
Seiten Seidenfaden,Gunnar: Orchid Genera in Thailand: 08. 1979.(Dansk Botanisk Arkiv, 33:3).Reprint 1990.12 colourplates. 158 figures. 277 p. gr8vo. Cloth.(46009) 107.00
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