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Alvear, Marcela and Frank Almeda

Revision of Monochaetum (Melastomataceae: Melastomateae) in Colombia. 2019. (Systematic Bot. Monographs, 109). 2 col. pls. 153 p. Paper bd.

Abstract: This study represents the first monograph of Colombian species of the neotropical and strictly montane genus Monochaetum based on morphology. Colombia stands out as a major center of diversity for neotropical Melastomataceae and represents the richest regional center for the genus Monochaetum, with 27 species. An evaluation of species limits in the South American region with emphasis on the species occurring in Colombia is presented by incorporating and integrating information from macromorphology, trichome, pollen, and seed micromorphology, along with a summary of known chromosome numbers. The nomenclature was reviewed for each taxon. Full synonymies and descriptions are provided, as well as a key. Each species is mapped, and most are illustrated. New synonymies are proposed (eight species, three varieties, two subspecies), and one new species, Monochaetum tonaense, is described.
Autor/Hrsg. Alvear, Marcela and Frank Almeda
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Autor(en) Alvear, Marcela and Frank Almeda
Verlag American Society of Plant Taxonomists Department of Botany 3165 University of Wyoming Att. Linda Brown
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ISBN/ISSN 9781943751099
ISBN 9781943751099
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