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Flora Malesiana

Series I: Spermatophyta. Volume 010. 1989. 874 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.

Illustrated systematic account of the Malaysian flora. Includes keysfor determination, diagnostic descriptions, references to the literature, synonymy and distribution and notes on the ecology of its wild andcommonly cultivated plants. This volume includes, apart from thededication to Carl Ludwig Blume, the following taxonomical revisions:Alseuosmiaceae, Araucariaceae, Aristolochiaceae, Chloranthaceae,Chrysobalanaceae, Coniferales, Cruciferae, Ctenolophonaceae,Cupressaceae, Elaeagnaceae, Ixonanthaceae, Linaceae, Magnoliaceae,Menispermaceae, Monimiaceae, Olacaceae, Opiliaceae, Pinaceae,Podocarpaceae, Polygalaceae, Sabiaceae, Sphenostemonaceae, Taxaceae,Trimeniaceae and Triuridaceae. Furthermore: Addenda to vols 4-10 andIndex to scientific plant names of vol. 10.
Autor/Hrsg. Flora Malesiana
Artikeltyp Titel
Autor(en) Flora Malesiana
Seiten Flora Malesiana: Series I: Spermatophyta. Volume 010. 1989. 874 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. (39071) 139.10
Reihentitel Flora Malesiana
Band Nr. 10
Verlag Publications Dept. National Herbarium of the Netherlands Leiden University Branch
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ISBN 2240000390710
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