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Dalby, Kery and Claire Dalby

Shetland Lichens. 2006. illustr. 120 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.

General chapters (What are Lichens?/ Structure and Terminology/Reproduction/ How to Identify Lichens/ Where Lichens Grow/ The Lichenson Rocks/ The Lichens on Trees and Lignum/ The Lichens of Peat andSoil/ Organic Enrichment/ Grazing by Invertebrates/ Weather andClimate/ Biodiversity and Biogeography/ Man's Influences / Man's Useof Lichens/ Lichen Conservation/ History of Lichen Studies inShetland/ Map of Shetland/ Sources of Data/ Nomenclature)/ TheShetland Lichen List (p. 62 to 113)/ References.
Autor/Hrsg. Dalby, Kery and Claire Dalby
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Autor(en) Dalby, Kery and Claire Dalby
Seiten Dalby, Kery and Claire Dalby: Shetland Lichens. 2006. illustr. 120 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.(91866) 26.75
Verlag Shetland Biological Records Centre Shetland Amenity Trust
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ISBN 9780954324636
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