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Fay, P. and C. van Baalen (eds.)

The Cyanobacteria. 1987. illustr.tabs. XVI,543 p. gr8vo. Cloth.

Contents (partly): List of Contributors/ Preface/ Chase Van Baalen1925-1986, J.Myers/ The protein composition of the photosyntheticcomplexes from the cyanobacterial thylakoid membrane/ Ferredoxins,flavodoxins, and related proteins: structure, function and evolution/Phycobilisomes: assembly and attachment/ Carbon dioxide fixation and itsregulation in cyanobacteria/ Respiratory electron transport/Assimilation of inorganic nitrogen/ Nitrogen fixation/ Inclusion bodiesin the cyanobacteria: cyanophycin, polyphosphate, polyhedral bodies/Akinetes: structure and function/ Advances in cyanobacterial moleculargenetics/ Cyanelles: organization and molecular biology/ Photomovement/Acclimation to the natural light climate/ Mechanisms of buoyancyregulation by planktonic cyanobacteria with gas vesicles/ Marineplanktonic cyanobacteria/ Iron chelation and uptake/ Secondarymetabolism in the cyanobacteria/ Volatile organic substances/ Organicgeochemical aspects of cyanobacterial mats/ Petroleum toxicity and theoxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons/ The biology of Rivulariaceae/Subject Index. - Second hand copy.
Autor/Hrsg. Fay, P. and C. van Baalen (eds.)
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Autor(en) Fay, P. and C. van Baalen (eds.)
Seiten Fay, P. and C. van Baalen (eds.): The Cyanobacteria. 1987. illustr.tabs. XVI,543 p. gr8vo. Cloth. (34911) 136.96
Verlag C. van den Hoek
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ISBN 2240000349114
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