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Macpherson, Peter

The Flora of Lanarkshire. 2016. illus. 400 p. Paper bd.

Due October 2016. Orders will be recorded.-The Flora of Lanarkshire is the first comprehensive flora of this Scottish county. This Flora represents decades of meticulous research and field work and contains historical and current records of plants growing in wild situations across the very diverse county. Extending south to the source of the river Clyde, it includes upland regions, heaths, rivers, lochs and urban areas including part of the greater Glasgow conurbation. Over 2,000 taxa, including native and alien species, specific to different habitats are described in A catalogue of past and present species displays the distribution on dot maps alongside an historical account and habitat descriptionof the individual species. Twenty-four colour plates illustrate a range of botanical sites and notable species. The introductory chapter details the history of botanical recording in the area andgives an outline of the topography, geology and climate of the region.
Autor/Hrsg. Macpherson, Peter
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Autor(en) Macpherson, Peter
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