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Nair, Kodoth Prabhakaran

The Geography of Black Pepper (Piper nigrum). 2020. (The 'King'of Spices. Vol.1). 24 (19 col.) figs. XIV, 162 p. Hardcover.

This book considers all aspects of black pepper from its growth, as a flowering vine, to how the dried fruit (peppercorn) is used as a spice and traded as a commodity. It is the economic mainstay of several India states and, principally, in Kerala State, with the Indian subcontinent being the largest black pepper producer. Indonesia has also emerged as a large producer of black pepper. Black pepper commands a leading position among the spices and has an immense commercial importance to world trade, finding its way onto the dining table of millions around the world, on the European and North American continents, and Japan. The use of black pepper ranges from a simple dietary component and flavour enhancer, to that of a spice with huge pharmacological benefits.
Autor/Hrsg. Nair, Kodoth Prabhakaran
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Autor(en) Nair, Kodoth Prabhakaran
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