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Esser, K. (ed.)

The Mycota. A Comprehensive Treatise on Fungi as Experimental System for Basic and Applied Research. Volume 9: Hsueh, Yen-Ping and Meredith Blackwell (eds.): Fungal Associations, 3rd rev. ed. 2023. illus. X 350 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.

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The 3rd edition of The Mycota, Vol. 9: Fungal Associations, has been revised to provide entirely new coverage of fungi and associated organisms in fourteen informative discussions that take advantage of today's large public databases and modern molecular and data analysis methods. The editors have a keen interest in fungal associations in their own research, and their perspectives from different generations have resulted in an interesting treatment of the subject.
Fungal Associations includes updates of classic topics, but also introduces less frequently discussed associations and broader reflections on the nature of fungi and their associates.
The volume begins with a look at more than a billion years of fungal evolution and associations through the lens of immunology

Can fungi involved in obligate symbioses be cultivated apart from the host? Genomes help to answer the question.
The ultimate intimacy between fungi and certain unrelated organisms has resulted in DNA exchange that can be traced in extant genomes.
Fungi and bacteria use volatile compounds to lure participants into interactions.
Some viruses modify the phenotype of their fungal hosts and affect host fitness.
Details of interactions between classical examples of fungus-plant symbioses (lichens, several types of mycorrhizae, and toxic endophytes) benefit from advanced microscopic and molecular techniques.
Discussions of fungi associated with insects (entomopathogens, a Drosophila model to study entomopathogens), nematode-trapping fungi and their prey, and a group of termite-associated fungi that produce secondary metabolites with potential uses as pharmaceuticals, complete the volume.

Fungal Associations is a well-illustrated, thought-provoking resource for specialists and generalists, including researchers, lecturers, and stud

Autor/Hrsg. Esser, K. (ed.)
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Autor(en) Esser, K. (ed.)
Seiten Esser, K. (ed.): The Mycota. A Comprehensive Treatise on Fungi as Experimental System for Basic and Applied Research. Volume 9: Hock (ed.): Fungal Associations.. 2nd rev. ed. 2012. 82 (22 col.) figs. 406 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (102369) 214.00
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