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Ebihara, Atsushi

The Standard of Ferns and Lycophytes in Japan (Standard Pictorial Book of Japanese Ferns and Lycophytes). 2 volumes. 2016 - 2017. illus. maps. 982 p.4to. Hardcover in slipcase. - In Japanese, with Latin nomenclature.

A pictorial book based on the classification of Japanese pteridophyta plants analyzed and organized by molecular phylogenetic methods. The search table is enriched so that even beginners can easily compare and search by showing individual characteristics with photographs and illustrations and regularly explaining each growing environment and part. In addition to the explanation, the distribution is shown on distribution maps.
Autor/Hrsg. Ebihara, Atsushi
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Autor(en) Ebihara, Atsushi
Verlag Green Scientific Books, Inc.
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ISBN 9901001135078
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