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Driem, G. L. van

The Tale of Tea. 2019. Many col. figs. XX,904 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.

The Tale of Tea is the saga of globalisation. Tea gave birth to paper money, the Opium Wars and Hong Kong, triggered the Anglo-Dutch wars and the American war of independence, shaped the economies and military history of Táng and Sòng China and moulded Chinese art and culture. Whilst black tea dominates the global market today, such tea is a recent invention. No tea plantations existed in the world’s largest black tea producing countries, India, Kenya and Sri Lanka, when the Dutch and the English went to war about tea in the 17th century. This book replaces popular myths about tea with recondite knowledge on the hidden origins and detailed history of today’s globalised beverage in its many modern guises. - Contents (main chapter headings):The Primordial Origins of Tea /Tea Spreads to China / Tea Arrives in Japan and Korea East Meets West: the Intrepid Portuguese / Dutch Capitalism and the Globalisation of Tea / The English Take to Tea: Wars in Europe / Interlude: Coffee and Chocolate / Taxes vs. Freedom from Oppression / Tea Transformed: Wars in Asia / Tea Terroir and Tea Cuisine / Tea Chemistry and Fanciful Concoctions / Tending the Tea Garden
Autor/Hrsg. Driem, G. L. van
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Autor(en) Driem, G. L. van
Verlag Brill Academic Publishers c/o Extenza Turpin Stratton Business Park
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ISBN 9789004386259
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