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Allaby, Michael

Tropical Forests. 2006. (Biomes of the World). 55 illus. XVI, 272 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.

There are many different types of tropical forests: lowland wet forests, seasonal forests, cloud forests, bamboo forests, mangrove forests, and monsoon forests. The biodiversity in these areas is incredibly eclectic. Tropical Forests examines the wealth of resources found in this biome, introducing the ecosystems of the forests and explaining the importance of forest layers, food chains, and much more. An essential introduction to tropical forests, this book discusses everything about this ecosystem, from geology to animal life to conservation. This volume concludes by examining threats to these environments, including clearing the areas for farmland, logging, slash-and-burn farming, soil erosion, and soil exhaustion. Ways to manage these threats and promote conservation of tropical rainforests are also clearly presented.
Autor/Hrsg. Allaby, Michael
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Autor(en) Allaby, Michael
Seiten Allaby, Michael: Tropical Forests. 2006. (Biomes of the World). 55 illus. XVI, 272 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (92446) 42.80
Reihentitel Biomes of the World
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