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Bacillaria: Volume 1.1978. 36 plates.172 p.gr8vo.Bound.(7) 0.00

Contents:"Undiscussed Plates"/Lange-Bertalot,H.,&R.Simonsen,ATaxonomic Revision of the Nitzschiae lanceolatae Grunow.2.European andRelated Extra-European Freshwater and Brackish Water Taxa.With 22 plates/Fryxell,G.A.,&W.I.Miller,III,Chain-forming Diatoms:Three AraphidSpecies.With 6 plates/Moss,M.O.,G.Gibbs,V.Gray & R.Ross,The Presenceof a Raphe in Semiorbis hemicyclus(Ehrenb.)R.Patr.With 4 plates andone figure in the text/Ross,R.,& P.A.Sims,Notes on Some Diatoms fromthe Isle of Mull,and Other Scottish Localities.With 4 plates/Medlin,L.K.,The Use of Critical Point Drying for Cleaned Diatom Valves.With onePlate.
Autor/Hrsg. Bacillaria
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Autor(en) Bacillaria
Seiten Bacillaria: Volume 1.1978. 36 plates.172 p.gr8vo.Bound.(7) 0.00
Verlag Koeltz Botanical Books
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