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Algological Studies

Volume 127. 2008. 62 figs. 11 tabs. pl. 96 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.

Contents: Are distinct morphotypes of the genera Anabaena and Aphanizomenon a response to environmental variation in boreal and arctic lakes in Finland? / Ecological and taxonomical remarks on planktic Cyanoprokaryota from Argentinean temparate shallow lakes / Epibiont algae on planktic microcrustaceans from a subtropical shallow lake (Argentina) / Ultrastructural localization of acid phosphatase in the green alga Ulva rigida (Ulvales, Chlorophyta / Growth response and protein profile of two different Scytonema species from cave walls and soil crusts in light and dark / Genus Nostoc , a source of novel trypsin inhibitors / High tolerance to water pollution in Cosmarium boitierense KOUWETS and Staurastrum bloklandiae COESEL et JOOSTEN, taxa recorded for the first time from the Balkan Peninsula.
Autor/Hrsg. Algological Studies
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Autor(en) Algological Studies
Seiten Algological Studies: Volume 127. 2008. 62 figs. 11 tabs. pl. 96 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. (99264) 85.00
Reihentitel Algological Studies
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