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Cahiers de Braun - Blanquetia. Monographies de cartographie géobotanique

Volume 2: Pedrotti, Franco: Flora e Vegetazione della Palude di Colfiorito (Appennino Centrale, Italia). 2019. illus. 118 p. 4to Paper bd. - In Italian, with English summary.

Flora and vegetation of the Pay di Colfiorito (Central Apennines, Italy). The Colfiorito marsh is located at 754 meters on the Umbrian-Marche Apennines and extends over 135 hectares. It is a karstic basin that fills with water in the autumn an winter months; the water is eliminated through four sinkholes and in summer it remains only in a small central lake. The flora consists of 247 species, some of which are very rare in central Italy: Triglochin palustre, Hydrocotyle vulgaris, Eriophorwr latfolium, Juncus subnodulosus. Ranunculus lingua. The vegetation consists of 36 associations, 2 sub-associations and 4 groups belonging to the following vegetation orders: Charetalia hispidae, Nitelletaliajiircatae, Lemnetalia minoris, Ulzicularietalia minoris, Potametalia pectinati, Callitricho-Batrachietalia, Phragmitetalia australis, Oenanthetalia aquatiaN Nasturtio-Glycerietalia, Caricetalia davallianae, Nanocyperetalia, Bidentetalia tripartitae, Trfolio-Hordeetalia, Potentilk anserinae-Polygonetalia avicularis, Galio aparines-Alliarietaliapetiolatae. The vegetation is distributed in concentric bands according to the depth of the water and the more or less long period of flooding. In the outermost part of the swamp the associations of the alliances Potentillion anserinae and Bidention tripartitae are developed. Depending on the morphology of the banks, one can then have the associations of the Eleocharito-Sagittarion or the Ranunculion velutini. A large area is occupied by the Phragmition communuis alliance. In the residual pond there are associations of Potamion pectinati, in the springs al Batrachionfluitantis and Glycerio-Sparganion. The vegetation that most characterizes the karstic basin of Colfiorito (and ad all the karstic basins of central Italy) is that of the flooded grasslands of the Trfolio-Hordeetalia order with the two associations: Hordeo-Ranunculetum velutini and Deschampsio-Caricetum distantis. The interventions of tillage, reclamation and drainage carried out in the Colfiorito basin are then examined, which led to the disappearance of the 14,9% of species
Autor/Hrsg. Cahiers de Braun - Blanquetia. Monographies de cartographie géobotanique
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Autor(en) Cahiers de Braun - Blanquetia. Monographies de cartographie géobotanique
Verlag Franco Pedrotti Dipartimento di Botanica ed Ecologia dell'Università
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