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Advances in Pollen Spore Research

Volume 24. 2007. 190 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.

Contents: Monitoring of forest fires/ Biomass burning satellite remote sensing approach/A. Narayana Swamy and A. Siva Parvathi/ Rhythm of spore shedding in marine algae/G. Subba Rangaiah./ Effect of autumn-winter season on the development of insect pollinators in temperate zone of Himachal Pradesh/K.L. Kakar./ Pollen and pollinator resources of Kerala part of Western Ghats, South India/P. Padmanabhan and K.A. Sujana./ Palynological studies on some species of Gesneriaceae/V.K. Jaimsha Rani, S. Mini, G. Valsaladevi and P.M. Radhamany./ Role of bees as pollinators of tropical forest species and need for conserving their diversity/K.R. Sasidharan and C. Kunhikannan/ Reproductive biology of jatropha integerrima jacq/Gauri Gupta, Seema Chauhan and S.V.S. Chauhan./ Studies on factors affecting worker ovary development in Apis cerana indica Fab/P.T. Smitha Shruthi and N.S. Bhat/ Management of laying worker colonies of Apis cerana indica in relation to pollen feeding/P.T. Smitha Shruthi and N.S. Bhat/ A study on some aspects of pollination biology of winter ornamental plants/J.A. Tidke and R.O. Dharamkar/ Pollination ecology of some seasonal ornamental plants/J.A. Tidke and R.O. Dharamkar/ Pollen allergy incidence in India: an overview/K. Henry Jonathan/ Anthesis schedules and pollen release in some forage plants of bees/A.J. Solomon Raju and S. Purnachandra Rao./ Relationships of Xylocopa bees with pollen flowers/Rashda Zafar and A.J. Solomon Raju/ Pollen flora of honey bees during summer season at Visakhapatnam/P. Kiran Kumari and A.J. Solomon Raju/ Effect of bee attractants on bee visits and yield parameters of Mech-184 BT Hybrid cotton/K. Ganapathi and Shashidhar Viraktamath
Autor/Hrsg. Advances in Pollen Spore Research
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Autor(en) Advances in Pollen Spore Research
Seiten Advances in Pollen Spore Research: Volume 24. 2007. 190 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (92287) 51.36
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